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Orthodox Celts

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 20:05

Summer Tour 2014.

BY: Aleksandar Petrovic

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Gooooooooo...

Summer Tour 2014. Dates:

13.VI - Sofia (Bulgaria) - BeerRelation Festival, South Park

27.VI - Tomaševac (Srbija) - TLO Fest

04.VII - Tjentište (BiH) - OK Fest

26.VII - Nikšić (Crna Gora) - Lake Fest

07.VIII - Banja Luka (Republika Srpska) - Fresh Wave Fest

08.VIII - Šabac (Srbija) - Šabački Letnji Festival

09.VIII - Devojački Bunar (Srbija) - Rockwood Festival

13.VIII - Perlez (Srbija)

15.VIII - Kosjerić (Srbija) - Bum 31260 Festival

16.VIII - Beograd (Srbija) - Beer Fest

21.VIII - Kragujevac (Srbija) - Šumadija Fest

30.VIII - Vršac (Srbija) - Dom Omladine

Please, check this page often for possible updates!

Molimo vas, proveravajte ovu stranicu često zbog moguće dopune liste!

orthodox celts


Last Updated on Sunday, 25 May 2014 19:42

Save Me

BY: Aleksandar Petrovic

Here's the brand new single:

Save Me


If you want to know more how we did it, here are some scenes from the shooting session, why don't you take a peak?

orthodox celts


Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 10:57


BY: Aleksandar Petrovic

Orthodox Celts Download Catalog!

Dear fans and friends,

we're proud to announce that we launched all of our albums and made them available for downloading online.

Save Me (Single)

One, Two... Five!

A Moment... Like The Longest Day

Green Roses

The Celts Strike Again

Orthodox Celts Self-Titled (Special Edition)

orthodox celts


Come On Feel The Noise

BY: Aleksandar Petrovic

Come Taste The Band!

Zanima vas kako napreduje snimanje novog albuma? Bacite pogled! Osećate li atmosferu?

You're interested in recording process of the new album and how it goes? Take a look! Can you feel it?




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